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 I believe a community needs trust and a strong sense of family to be successful and thriving. There needs to be a shared sense of purpose and support for our youth to help them navigate through to adulthood successfully without the distractions that the world may throw their way.

I became an officer to help meet this need, and have always felt a strong pull to be that pillar of support and guidance for the youth in the community.

Today's media and discussion revolving around law enforcement and our place within communities is a hot topic of debate, with much of it being negative.

I actively work to flip this script and empower individuals to be the kings of change within their community. Together we can bridge the social and racial divide between law enforcement and the community.

I offer speaking engagements to the youth of how I was able to stay on track and how to interact with law enforcement! I want to offer big brother advice to our teenagers. I want to promote unity and less divide between races.

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Pierre King
Founder and Speaker
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I Have been featured in articles and podcasts, and am eager to continue spreading the Be The King of Change message with our community members! Contact me for a public speaking event today so we can make a positive change together!

Feeling blessed to be featured in... 

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"I would like to thank all of my supporters thus far! I am super happy and excited about what's to come in our present and future! Please continue to help me spread the message to create unity between all of us!"

-Officer King

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